‘Trying 2 impeach Jesus too!’ N.C. church making news again for controversial sign

Updated: Nov. 20, 2019 at 6:16 PM EST
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KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (WBTV) - A Kannapolis church is raising eyebrows again with another controversial sign involving the political divide among Americans.

Pastor Tim Jones says the sign in front of Resurrection Baptist Church on Old Concord-Salisbury Road, which now reads “TRYING 2 IMPEACH JESUS TOO! WONT HAPPEN EITHER!" is his way of exercising his First Amendment rights about the recent state of politics.

“I started thinking about the society we’re in and how it’s become Godless. They’re trying to impeach a president they’re not happy that won an election,” said Jones. “I said, ‘what’s the difference?’ They’re trying to take God out of everything as well.”

Jones says that he believes the effort to remove President Trump from office is part of a larger attack on Christianity in the United States. While Jones says he is not comparing the President to Jesus Christ, he believes God put Trump in the White House for a reason.

“This president has done more for religious rights than anyone,” Jones told WBTV over the phone on Wednesday. “I don’t condone some of [Trump’s] behavior, but God is going to use who he wants, when he wants and how he wants.”

Jones said he believes more Christians need to stand up for their beliefs because he believes they are in danger of becoming a minority in this country.

“The homosexual community can have marches, and we can talk about climate change, but Christians can’t talk about what we believe in,” Jones said. “If we do, we’re called racist. Christians are becoming a minority.”

This isn’t the first time the sign in front of Resurrection Baptist has received backlash for what seems to be a political message. Back in 2016, the sign read “WE ARE VOTING, AND NOT FOR HILLARY!” Then, in 2018, another message was put up asking for prayers for then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his family.

“As a Christian, there are morals and convictions that we stand upon. And I am not a pastor who will preach it in the pulpit and leave it in the church,” Jones said in 2018, referring to the Kavanaugh sign.

Taking a stand, however, is exactly what the IRS prohibits non-profit 501(c)(3)'s from doing, which is why churches often stay out of the political arena.

But despite WBTV finding a state non-profit filing signed in August, 2018, by Jones, the pastor insisted his church pays their taxes like everyone else and receives no tax exemption.

“We’re not incorporated, we’re an independent, fundamental Baptist church. We’re not a part of any Baptist association or any other association,” he said in 2018.

But Jones didn’t stop there, adding he’s OK with any repercussions that may come his way because of the message he’s put out there. He doubled down on that stance Wednesday, saying he would talk or pray with anyone who disagrees with his stance - but he won’t stay silent.

“If somebody asked me if I thought that God ordained him to be in office – and I do believe that with all my heart and I think that our voice has been taken away and I think it’s time to stand up," Jones said. "And, so, if it takes my sign to draw some awareness towards him, that’s fine.”

This Sunday, Jones said he is heading to Washington, D.C., to peacefully make a stand to show he’s not afraid to be a Christian.

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