Forever Family: Chance

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 7:39 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - I love the definition of the word “Chance” when used as a verb. The definition is: to do something despite an uncertain outcome, or to do something by accident or without design. Why I love these definitions is that when it comes to adopting out of foster care we are encouraging you - the viewer - to step out and consider changing the makeup of your home.

In order to allow the word “forever” to define a child’s future it must first start with a willingness from our viewers to step forward despite an uncertain outcome.

We ask you to watch this segment on this young boy and take a “CHANCE” and visualize your family’s future differently. Adopting a boy like Chance will be an adventure. This young man talked the entire day we spent with him. He laughed, he joked, he was impulsive and active. Chance was silly and childlike at times, but also had a very mature, realistic view of his future.

When asked about a forever family he spoke about the joy of being adopted but speaks further into the future and stated, “When I am 18 years old I will still come back and visit even though I will have moved out.” Even though the immediate future is unknown to him he remains hopeful. He does not know the name of his forever parents, siblings, or grandparents.

Chance doesn’t know what street he will call home, or the school he will attend in high school. There are so many blank spaces ahead and Chance is able to look past that uncertainty and see the potential for a future with a family to come home to visit at college breaks and a place to always return to for the holidays.

This young man was opinionated and animated, he was charismatic and had a sense of humor, even about himself. His spontaneity left everyone wondering what he would do or say next, smiling as we watched his excitement and joy with every bounce in his step.

Professionally, I see Chance and children like him waiting but still full of hope. I see the uncertainty in his future while he waits for a family. However, unlike his name, his story is not by accident and his future is not without design. The certainty for this young man is that I know he was designed to be set in a family.

Chance was meant to be called “son”, he was meant to spend the rest of his holidays with his forever family. He was meant to go off to college and enter the workplace and be able to place a picture on his desk with a picture of his parents. Chance was meant for family, Chance was meant to be home.

The only way he will be able to say “I’m Home” is if those of you reading and watching will take a CHANCE and allow our incredible Forever Family featured children to shape and change your family in remarkable ways you never knew were possible!

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