Fans brave chilly temps for state championship game between Providence Day School and Metrolina Christian Academy

Fans brave chilly temps for state championship game

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The chilly temperatures and chance for wet weather didn’t keep fans from showing up at the NCISAA Division 2 State Football Championship Friday night. The game was held at Providence Day School in south Charlotte.

“It’s my senior year. It’s our last game so I’m excited – championship, so it should be a good game,” said Providence Day student Brent Daniel.

The forecast called for temperatures in the 40s and a chance of rain, but fans came to the game prepared. Several people were spotted with blankets and umbrellas.

“We have leggings under our pants. We have like five layers. We are all bundled up with umbrellas and everything,” said Taylor Dixon, a student at Metrolina Christian Academy.

Tuwanna Bingley told WBTV she traveled from Savannah, Georgia to watch her husband’s nephew play in the big game. She said the weather was definitely a concern as she traveled to the game.

“We’re coming up from Savannah so we were a bit worried so hence my snowsuit. I’m not too used to the cold,” explained Bingley.

One student explained that the Providence Day faithful had planned for the cold temps.

“Our theme this week was ‘ski’ to prepare for the weather so I’m wearing leggings, boots, a ski jacket, gloves, and a helmet,” said Providence Day student Madeline Alt.

Providence Day won the game 28-13 over Metrolina Christian Academy.

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