CMS approves raises for teachers, principals and other employees

CMS approves raises for teachers, principals and other employees

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education called a special meeting Thursday morning and approved salary increases for several positions.

The raises approved will affect teachers, assistant principals, principals and all other employees. The district said that all raises will be retroactive to July 1, and the retroactive amounts will be paid by Jan. 31.

“We have waited to do this because we were hoping to have a state budget,” said Mary McCray, Board chair. “We care about our employees and our students, and we are committed to doing what’s best for them despite uncertainty in Raleigh. We’d prefer to have a state budget rather than taking these actions piecemeal but lacking that, we decided to do something now.”

In the official release, CMS officials write, “The Board’s action will put in place step increases (set by state salary schedules) and an increase in the local supplement for teachers and certified staff. It will also give increases to principals and assistant principals."

Other employees will get a 3% raise and hourly employees’ pay will go up to $13.22 an hour.

The news about the raises announced in the CMS Board meeting came as quite a pleasant surprise to CMS teachers. “When that email popped up this morning, there was some buzz around the staff, ‘hey did you see the email about the raises,’ and I think everyone was real surprised and really happy about the way the district looked after its employees today," said Kevin Poirier, a Teacher Leader at West Charlotte High School.

The district also approved the addition of 72 new social and emotional health positions to the district’s existing 550 positions.

“Social and emotional health is essential if students are going to be able to achieve in school,” McCray said. “Adding these will help us provide better support in our schools. We’re still not where we need to be, but these 72 positions will move us closer.”

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