Chester County Sheriff’s deputies and employees honored for military service

Uniform change for veteran deputies

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - The Chester County Sheriff’s Office is recognizing all of their employees who served in the armed forces this month with a special addition to their uniforms.

Sheriff Max Dorsey stated that 25 percent of the employees at this department were veterans and in order to pay respects for their service, he has presented each of them with a t-shirt recognizing their contributions.

The red shirt reads ‘Military Veteran - Still serving the community’ on the front and the military oath on the back and has been authorized as an official part of the uniform for these veterans for the rest of the month.

‘I made them red intentionally because I want people to know them and to see them and to easily recognize them that they are veterans and that they need to be appreciated by our citizens.’, said Sheriff Dorsey about the new uniforms.

Leuico Welch, a veteran who currently works as a Chester County Detention Center Officer was touched by the effort, explaining that, ‘Actually, it was pretty touching to see that because it is part of who we are and it never goes away. I swear that was before a nation before God himself.’

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office currently has two deputies deployed overseas with the Army National Guard who had family members in attendance during the t-shirt unveiling.

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