Matthews Police enforcing speed limit along Independence Blvd after 80 reported crashes in Oct.

Matthews Police enforcing speed limit along Independence Blvd after 80 reported crashes in Oct.

MATTHEWS, N.C. (WBTV) - Ride down Independence Boulevard, and chances are you’ll see someone speeding. Maybe some days it’s you, and Wednesday afternoon Matthews police set up a traffic campaign there.

Last month, there were 80 reported crashes there.

Some drivers were not happy about the campaign. They said it’s too easy to get pulled over because so many drivers are speeding. Police say that’s the whole point.

“We don’t want people to think this is a speed trap,” said Matthews Police Officer Tim Aycock.

Officer Aycock said dozens of complaints about speeding along busy Independence Boulevard have been sent to his department through social media, voicemails and some drivers have even been bold enough to stop by and speak up.

“We get teenage drivers that complain about stuff all the way up into our senior citizens,” said Aycock.

Matthews Police say they understand the concern, which is why it started running this traffic campaign.

“A car buzzes by you it will shake you up,” he continued.

Bionca Shields is one of those pulled over Wednesday night for going 65 in a 45-zone. She said she doesn’t buy that it’s just about safety.

“It’s kind of what they do. November, December, go out and get people for speeding. I guess, make their quotas,” said Shields.

“We tell people don’t ever believe the myth that we get funding from it. We get zero dollars from any citation,” said Officer Aycock.

Not about quotas, Officer Aycock confirmed. Truly about safety. The officers also watched to make sure you’re not texting and driving, making improper lane changes or being reckless.

“Anything that could cause a crash and injure someone,” said Aycock.

“I feel like there are more crimes to be tackled in Charlotte during the holidays than trying to get home from work at a decent time,” added Shields.

With the holiday season approaching, police say more drivers will be out and their list of priorities will include crime and crash reports.

“We want to make sure everything is as safe as it could possibly be for our residents, students, and people doing business here,” said Aycock.

Matthews police say it’s possible they’ll do another traffic campaign before the year is up if drivers didn’t get Wednesday’s message about being safe and taking it slow on the roads.

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