VIDEO: Student almost struck by logging truck while boarding school bus in Lancaster

VIDEO: Student almost struck by logging truck while boarding school bus in Lancaster

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - A disaster was narrowly avoided Wednesday morning when a logging truck swerved past a stopped school bus seconds after a student boarded.

“There could have been a life lost. and it could have been four of us,″ bus driver Eddie Reese said.

The incident happened on Flat Rock Road. The bus had its lights and stop arm flashing when the logging truck swerved to avoid another truck that was stopped for the bus, according to Lancaster County School District Safety & Transportation Director Bryan Vaughn.

“Once he got a few feet from him, I guess he thought, ‘I can got between this bus and this deep ditch,’ and he did it,” Reese said of the driver who he thinks wasn’t paying attention.

Reese, who has been driving school buses for almost 16 years says this isn’t the first close call. But he thought it could have been his last.

“They need to slow these trucks down. And pay attention! They speed all the time!,” Reese said.

Video from inside the bus shows the student board just before the truck goes speeding past the open door.

Logging truck narrowly misses student boarding bus in Lancaster Co.

Officials say the truck struck the bus’s extended safety crossing gate. Luckily, the student who boarded the bus and everyone else inside were unharmed.

“We are thankful our students and driver were not hurt in this near miss,” Vaughn said. “This event continues to highlight the concerns of driver’s inattentiveness and driving too fast for conditions. Mr. Eddie Reese (bus driver) did a great job in this event and we are thankful for his calm and professional approach.”

Along with the video, Vaughn posted a photo of the truck and bus on Facebook along with information about the incident for parents.

AJ Bus Disaster Averted as Logging Truck Strikes Crossing Gate On School Bus With Boarding Student on Flat Rock...

Posted by Lancaster County School District Safety & Transportation on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Vaughn said Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. It is unclear if any charges are being filed.

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