Some Charlotte residents say they want to see more regulations for Airbnb rentals

Updated: Nov. 6, 2019 at 4:32 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Some Charlotte homeowners like James Seramba would like Airbnb rentals out of their neighborhoods.

“We’re concerned about our safety,” Seramba says. “We’re concerned about our property values, and we just want a good quality of life.”

Seramba, on the HOA board for the South End neighborhood Summit Square, posted about his concerns on the NextDoor app, where many others either voiced support of these short-term rentals or joined in his concern.

“The problem is that the owner of the Airbnb is nowhere to be found,” he says. “And when these things are found, his neighbors are forced to police things up.”

He cites an Airbnb rental in his area, which, he says, can occasionally make people there feel unsafe, or uncomfortable when there are parties.

“I personally have had to go out there at 1:30, 2:00 in the morning, and ask them to basically be quiet, go back into the unit, these people are trying to sleep,” Seramba says.

Monday, Airbnb hosts told WBTV they are concerned over these out-of-hand parties, too. Host DeAndre Etherly invites large groups and parties to some of his rentals, but says he believes Airbnb needs to begin collecting security deposits from guests, to cut down on parties getting out of hand, or damage being done to the units.

“Guests don’t really feel responsible to upkeep your home in the way that they could,” Etherly says.

Airbnb is pointing people to recent tweets from its CEO Brian Chesky, after four people were killed at a party at one of their rentals in California .

Chesky is saying there will be action taken to try to prevent what he calls “party houses.”

Wednesday afternoon, Chesky announced the app will launch a 24/7 “neighbor hotline,” which will be led by a “rapid response team” there to take calls.

Seramba says he wants to see more action taken on a local level, including more regulation on short-term rentals in Charlotte.

“It just causes issues for the people that live there full-time,” he says.

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