Forever Family: Meet Timere!

Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 8:33 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Our 10 year old TImere featured on Forever Family this week was such an interesting boy to observe. When I first met Timere at filming he seemed quiet and I would even go as far as to say he appeared disengaged. He didn’t want to play with the younger children and he was not quite old enough to settle into a rhythm with the teens. He stood and he talked to his social worker for a good amount of time that morning.

I watched him closely, I spoke with the staff who has seen him mature over the years. I tried to see if I could articulate a specific detail that would set this 10 year old apart when viewers read about him, or watched his segment this week. As I struggled to settle on one or two things that stood out I realized that difficulty stemmed from the fact that he appeared reserved because he didn’t know me well. When I saw him talk with his social worker Jennifer you would never use to word reserved to describe him. What I love about that is how it reflects a beautiful picture of his closeness and attachment to his incredible social worker who invests so deeply in him.

Timere did not try to dazzle the camera or impress the older children there. He did not set out with agendas nor did he need to be the first to do an activity. In fact, he would have been content to just sit and talk with Jennifer all day.

For those of us well versed in foster care and our children who come from trauma we know what an incredible, remarkable strength this is. Timere is deeply attached and connected with Jennifer. He wanted to get a pumpkin not for himself but for his social worker. He was quiet and shy on the camera until she gave him a beaming smile and a thumbs up.

He looks to her for love and support. More importantly he knows that she is trying her best to find him a family and that she will do everything in her power to make that a reality for him. Timere sat quietly, and looked to Jennifer above any other priority because the luxury of being a silly 10 year old boy is not the most important thing on Timere’s mind.

What is on Timere’s mind is family. As Jennifer states in the interview, “he wants to get out of foster care.” This 10 year old is connected to his social worker who he loves and trusts. He sees her as his way to help him achieve his dream of finding a forever home.

It is my deepest hope that Timere’s ability to have a deep connection with Jennifer and his desire to work with her to accomplish a goal would be able to carryover into someone more important than Jennifer - his future mom. I think so often we film these children and think what a family would bring to their life. When I see Timere I think more about not what he would get, but what he would bring to the lives of those who bring him home.

Timere would bring a beautiful, loyal, loving connection and quiet strength. What a sweeter gift to a family than a thoughtful 10 year old son!

Ashley McKinley

Program Development Director

North Carolina Forever Families Coordinator

Seven Homes Inc

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