Daughter of victim in N.C. mass murder still waiting for closure

More arrests possible in N.C. 'mass murder' investigation

TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - The discovery on Monday in Virginia of a burned out pickup truck with the remains of three people inside is a “critical piece of the puzzle” in the investigation into a mass murder in June, says Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman.

“I hope it gives the family some peace,” he said.

Bernice Reyes is the daughter of Maria Calderon, who was killed in the murders back in June. Calderon’s body was missing until the discovery in Virginia. Though a positive ID has not been made yet, authorities say they are certain Calderon and two missing men will be ID’d as the victims found in the truck.

Reyes says it helps a little but adds, “I find it hard to get any closure.”

She is especially pained by the fact her little brother and sister were caught up in the events of that night in June and died as well.

“They did not deserve that," she said, "they were such good kids.”

She is hoping the investigation will put more people behind bars than the two already indicted for murder. She says she is certain others were involved and need to be charged.

“Definitely,” she said.

Sheriff Chris Bowman says she may be right.

“There’s a high probability that that could come about,” he said.

Investigators are looking to see if there were accessories in hiding the pickup and in other aspects of the case. The sheriff says others misled authorities during the investigation and they could face charges, too.

The investigation might last well into next year, says Bowman. Reyes says that is fine with her.

“As long as justice is served, I don’t care,” she saidd, “ I am not going anywhere.”

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