An inspiring story out of Pittsburgh helps continue to ‘plant the seed’

An inspiring story out of Pittsburgh helps continue to ‘plant the seed’
Susan YoungInspiring donor story (Source: Susan Young)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - You never know where things land. Wait until you read the impact a Facebook post on May 31st, had on this woman. She just emailed. I'm slightly reeling.

That post was about a Charlotte woman named Sally Moore. Sally desperately needed a liver transplant and the night before she was to get a new liver, I wrote a post about her. It was a good story. That organ ended up saving her life.

No one would've been able to guess how much it would resonate with Susan Young.

Susan and I have never met. This was all she said in her email:

“Molly, I am from North Carolina but right now at Pittsburgh Medical Center waiting to have an organ donation surgery tomorrow, November 5th. I read an article you posted on your Facebook page on May 31st. Your words planted a seed. I feel blessed to say I’ll be a kidney donor, and my life will never be the same. Thank you.”


Went back-and-forth on email with Susan over the past couple hours.

She says that story on Sally got her own wheels turning. So, she started investigating the Pittsburgh Hospital because that’s where Sally was going. Susan did NOT have a specific recipient in mind, and because of that… it started a chain. She was matched with a 58-year-old woman who had a best friend willing to donate, but wasn’t a good match. But, that best friend was a good match for another businessman in Pittsburgh. That man’s two sons wanted to donate to him, but because they weren’t a match for him -– and now that he had someone else –- they were both spurred to donate to someone else. Domino-effect awesomeness.

“It’s all amazing!” Susan said. “I feel honored at being able to do this. I wanted you to know. Because of that post about Sally, four donations for four other people have started. I feel confident the chain will continue. We are saving lives.”

Again, Susan is in Pittsburgh right now, waiting for her surgery tomorrow. Feel free to send a few good thoughts her way. I have a feeling she'll read this.

Endless thanks to you, Susan, for passing all this on,. And, who knows? Maybe you’re planting another seed right now by telling us and your story will spur someone else…


PS: Read the May 31st post about Sally Moore, HERE >>

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