Police increase patrols at Mallard Creek Greenway after two sexual assaults and no arrests

Police investigating two sexual assaults on Charlotte greenways

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Police are looking for a second man accused of attacking a woman in broad daylight Sunday afternoon on the Mallard Creek Greenway in the University City area.

Although police don’t think they are attacked, this is the second sexual assault to happen on the greenway in two months so police are now adding extra patrols to the area as they investigate both cases.

“That surprises me because when I’m here there’s usually a lot of people out here using the greenway, so that would shock me,” said Kyle Green who bikes on the trail.

Police say on Sunday afternoon a woman reported being attacked by a black man around 2:45 on the Mallard Creek Greenway. The report says he sexually assaulted her and stole her iPhone.

On September 15, a victim reported that she was grabbed from behind by an unknown suspect and assaulted. This victim was able to use her pepper spray to get away from the man.

Police say although both the cases are similar, they are not related. The description of the attackers are different in both cases as the police are looking for a Hispanic man for the first attack and a black man for the second attack.

Frequent runners and users of the trail say they usually feel safe here but because of the recent attacks police are increasing their bike patrols on the greenways through the weekend.

Police increase patrols at Charlotte greenway after two sexual assaults, no arrests

“We want the public to feel safe and know that they’re safe, we don’t want an incident like this to happen again," said Captain Luke Sell in the University City division.

Police say they don’t want you to be scared to use the trails but when you go make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. Other trail-users agree.

Jonathan Rice, uses the trail

“What concerns me in the park are the people who walk with the earbuds and don’t pay attention to their surroundings. I say hello and they’re oblivious," said Jonathan Rice.

Others hope the men are caught soon so people aren’t nervous to use the trails.

“Usually this trail is good, there’s a lot of people jogging out here with dogs and kids. So hopefully we can clean this thing up so this continue to be a safe place," said Montario Hardesty.

Police did say they found a piece of clothing they think could have DNA on it from yesterday’s attack. They’ve sent that to the labs and asked them to expedite the process.

Police are asking for anyone who might have seen something suspicious on the Mallard Creek Greenway yesterday around 2:45 to come forward. Police say even a little piece of information could help bring this case to a close.

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