Charlotte AirBNB hosts react to ban on ‘party houses’

Airbnb banning 'party houses'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Wendi Caraballo says most often, her AirBNB guests are respectful.

“[They] keep things very clean,” she says. “It’s like they weren’t even there.”

But she knows first-hand, there is occasionally that one in 100 guest.

“You go back and see the mess,” Caraballo says. “That’s the difficult part.”

For instance, recently, she came across what she thinks is evidence of a party she didn’t know was happening. After a group’s stay, there was trash everywhere, what she believes was drugs, blood stains, and other damage.

“They’re just like alright, come on,” she says.

She is one of thousands of hosts learning about one AirBNB party that got out of hand, where four people were shot and killed, in California.

It has made many people think about the shooting at an Uptown Charlotte AirBNB that killed a man named Calvin Haines just this summer. There was a graduation party going on there.

About the deadly California shooting, AirBNB CEO Brian Chesky tweeted that the app is now “banning ‘party houses,’” working to flag what he calls “high-risk reservations,” and creating a new “’party house’ rapid response team.”

Charlotte host Kat Hursh says hosts can only do so much to control what goes on during a guest’s stay.

“Keep my side of the street clean, and what I provide as a service, and what I expect from my guests,” she says. “Then that’s all that I can do.”

It is the same for DeAndre Etherly, and his six properties.

“I had a shooting out here one time,” he says of one of his Windsor Park homes. “And this is a good neighborhood, an older neighborhood, I know all my neighbors.”

He advertises specifically on the post of one of his homes that it is good for parties. He is open to it, as long as the guests are upfront.

Etherly believes the way around parties getting out of hand would be for AirBNB to start collecting refundable deposits.

“Guests don’t feel that responsible to upkeep your home in the way that they could,” he says.

Now they are all wondering what AirBNB’s new policies will look like for them, and for people booking stays.

“That’s going to be difficult because, where’s the grey line?” Caraballo asks. “Is it going to be a black and white, nope, you can’t have a bachelor party, you can’t rent a house out for family reunions?”

These hosts say they have not heard directly from Air BNB just yet. The CEO stated in his tweets that there will be a 10-day process for the team to develop what these new policies will be, exactly.

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