Meck Co. Sheriff: Halloween ‘re-do’ won’t require extra patrols

Meck Co. Sheriff: Halloween 're-do' won’t require extra patrols

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The party isn’t over. You might have trick-or-treaters at your door on Friday for a re-do.

Police departments across our area added patrols Thursday night for the holiday. There won’t be any extra come Friday evening, but according to the Sheriff of Mecklenburg County, it’s not necessarily needed.

Sheriff McFadden made a joke on Thursday during a press conference. He said you can’t really push back a holiday, but regardless of when trick-or-treating happens, deputies have put in work on the front end to keep your kids protected from registered sex offenders. So whether it’s Halloween or any other day, he says your kids will be safe.

You should have peace of mind if your children go door-to-door for Friday night’s unofficial second Halloween. The sheriff says out of 1,092 registered sex offenders living in Mecklenburg County, his office was able to verify 944 addresses with an initiative called Operation Watchdog 2019.

“We just want people to be safe,” said Sheriff McFadden.

Sheriff McFadden says work didn’t stop there. Safety is more than just making sure we know where the sex offenders are, which is why deputies started other operations as well. One was in the summer. The other just wrapped up this fall. The result was dozens of arrests. Many of those caught were put away for assault with deadly weapons.

“34 violent offenders for that time. Again, we arrested 34 violent offenders that were living in our county,” said McFadden.

As we all know, the county’s crime rate is a serious topic right now, as homicide numbers in Charlotte are on the rise. Being able to enjoy the little things in life – like innocent trick-or-treating – should be a given without the fear of being hurt. The sheriff says he knows that and is working hard to find solutions.

“It is sometimes hard to bring peace to people in the climate that we live in today," said the sheriff. "We are at that climate because of the homicide rate and climate in America, so we are all on edge and we all are concerned.”

The Sheriff’s Office also has an app now that you can download to find out who is a registered sex offender.

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