Despite wet weather, trick-or-treaters hit the streets of Charlotte Thursday night

Despite wet weather trick-or-treaters hit the streets of Charlotte Thursday night

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - By 7 p.m. Thursday, the rain and wind left uptown Charlotte in a haze. The orange hue of streetlights set the stage for a spooky, but soggy Halloween in the Biddleville-Smallwood community just west of the center city area.

Despite the wet weather, Biddleville-Smallwood resident Joseph Andrews and his family members still planned to go trick-or-treating Thursday night.

“Sometimes you just got to make do with what you got,” Andrews told WBTV Thursday night.

Biddleville-Smallwood was just one of several communities in the Charlotte area that decided to officially postpone trick-or-treating Thursday because of wet weather. Despite the postponement, several kids still went out in search of candy Halloween night.

“It sucks that it’s wet, but maybe we get more candy because everybody just wants to get rid of it tonight,” said trick-or-treater Shiloh Ledbetter.

The Beigel family also chose to venture out on Halloween night.

“We’re kind of traditionalists and both of us as kids remember going out and we went out in the rain, went out in the snow and we had no problem thinking that we’d bring these guys out tonight,” said mother Amy Beigel.

Dr. Justin Harlow, a member of the Charlotte City Council, lives in the Biddleville-Smallwood neighborhood. While he and his family members were handing out candy Thursday night, they decided to save the trick-or-treating for Friday night.

“We want the kids to have a good time. They don’t really care when they get the candy or when they dress up so tomorrow will be no different,” said Harlow.

Neighborhood resident Carolyn Minnock and her friends all dressed up for Halloween. They kept track of how many trick-or-treaters they received Thursday.

“The crowd’s a little slow this year. We’ve had 32 people. Last year we had 287, so (we’re) a little bummed out,” said Minnock.

Many parents drove their kids through the neighborhood Thursday night. This allowed the adults to stay dry, but keep an eye on their kids during trick-or-treating.

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