$10K offered to person who comes up with plan to tackle economic mobility in Charlotte

$10K offered to person who comes up with plan to tackle economic mobility in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Carolina Fintech Hub is ready to give out money to the person who can come up with an idea that can tackle economic mobility in Charlotte.

Charlotte was ranked 50 out of 50 in a study produced by Harvard University when it comes to economic mobility. This means people born into poverty have little to no chance to escape poverty as they get older.

The Executive Director, Tariq Bokhari, says his company will give out $10,000 to the winner of the economic mobility challenge.

“My hope is that all the best minds in Charlotte and the region, both in our university systems and just regular folks working in jobs or whatever they are doing, non-students, will come together and think about what has been a hot talking point for years,” Bokhari said.

Bokhari wants people who can come up with an app or use any type of technology to improve lives of people living in poverty. Community leaders say economic mobility is everybody’s responsibility. The executive director says if you don’t have a background in technology - that’s okay.

“We don’t want to turn away any great ideas because someone may not be able to build the code and make it," Bokhari said. "So while we have individuals and teams that are signing up their technical nature that can build apps and programs - we are also inviting people with just a business or entrepreneurial background who may have an idea that they can submit it and describe it to us, and if it’s good enough - we’ll pair them up with developers that have applied elsewhere to actually help them build it.”

Bokhari said he was inspired to do this from watching the Netflix series “Decoding Bill Gates.” Part of the series dealt with how innovators were called upon to help a crisis in Africa. Bohkari believes if it happened in Africa then why not Charlotte.

“I think Charlotte is on the cutting edge of combining technology and social good in elements like this.” Bokhari said.

If interested you must share your intent with the company by Nov. 1. You can enter as an individual or a group. The three finalists will be announced Nov. 15. They will get to present their plans on Nov. 21 and that’s when the winner will be announced.

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