Charlotte residents complain of law not being enforced for big trucks driving through neighborhood

Charlotte residents complain of law not being enforced for big trucks driving through neighborhood

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - On Craighead Street in Charlotte, neighbors complain of having issues with big trucks driving through the community.

There are signs posted with a red cross through a truck. Only trucks with permits are allowed. Neighbors say they watch trucks unlawfully driving through their neighborhood regularly.

“The signs are posted. It’s real simple. Just make sure the truckers abide by the law,” said Gary Marion, a resident.

Gary Marion is a proud Marine.

He’s a disabled veteran now and moved to Craighead Road in Charlotte a few years ago. He quickly noticed an issue with trucks on the street.

“It’s been going on for so long, people are taking advantage," said Marion. “It would be a problem if a kid was out here and got in the way."

Big old semi trucks rumbling right past the signs more times per day than he can usually count - though he says a count has been taken.

“There are signs posted at this end, signs posted at North Tryon Street end that say no trucks without permits. So when you have 50-75 trucks coming through here in a 24-hour period I’m sure they do not have permits," said Marion.

CMPD says enforcement is not so simple.

“We would have to have individual reasonable suspicion on each truck before we can make a traffic stop. We would have to know they were in violation of the ordinance,” said CMPD.

Simply put, CMPD can't just assume truckers are breaking the law because they are driving down the street.

“People need to obey the law,” said Marion. “Take the signs down if it’s not being enforced. Either it is or it isn’t.”

CDOT will manage taking care of the signs and could take them down.

Gary says he's going to keep pushing for answers and fighting for what's right in his neighborhood.

“People need to understand their voice matters. There’s more power in the people than the people with power," said Marion.

Marion said he felt disappointed and betrayed after over a year of trying to get answers when the conclusion was that enforcement was not possible.

No word from CDOT on their plans for signs on Craighead Road. These are all of the truck routes in the area they manage.

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