YMCA and Atrium team up for Wellness on Wheels mobile unit

Wellness on Wheels

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The YMCA Wellness on Wheels is making a stop near you. It is a mobile unit the YMCA and Atrium Health teamed up to do. It started by in February and so far more than 700 people have hopped on the mobile unit.

"We want to make sure that people are being preventative," YMCA Community Health Manager Jasmine Hardy said. "In terms of the things they're doing for their health instead of reacting to a diagnosis."

Once on the wellness on wheels - people get their blood pressure checked, talk to a healthcare professional and learn recipes for healthy snacks. Organizers say people making this stop can reduce medical expenses and can give them immediate information to help them on their journey to healthy living.

"People really appreciate knowing their numbers," Hardy said. "Now being able to go back to their doctor and say I've been able to check this and these are the changes that I have made - here's some healthy recipes I have been doing that have been supporting me."

The health screenings and wellness checks are free and open for all. YMCA and Atrium attempted to remove language barriers regarding this health initiative. The message of the YMCA’s Wellness on Wheels is even written in Spanish on the side for the mobile unit to communicate with Hispanics. Location for the mobile unit goes from place to place but the wherever the unit lands it is strategic.

“Make sure that we are going to an area of the community that is really going to benefit from it,” Hardy said. “So if that is coming to a YMCA or going to a community where the resources may not be as prevalent - that’s how we are making that decision.”

Leaders say the feedback has been great and that’s why this service will continue. Obesity and chronic diseases are major issues that impact the Charlotte community. People are aware of this and it appears they want to do their part to live a healthy lifestyle.

“We’ve been getting repeats that are coming back and telling us their success stories,” Hardy said. “How they’ve lost weight - their blood pressure has decreased - their blood sugar numbers have decreased - they’re eating healthier so it’s been great hearing these testimonies.”

For more information on the YMCA’s Wellness on Wheels Mobile Unit visit the Wellness on Wheels’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WOWCLT

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