Sherri Troup the couponing cancer-fighting queen

Sherri Troup's coworkers are a asking for coupons
Sherri Troup's coworkers are a asking for coupons(Family and friends)
Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 1:17 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Lots of unique requests are out there to help those who battle cancer… but this is a new one.

Sherri Troup works at Iredell County Department of Social Services as a Family and Children Medicaid caseworker.

“She works so hard,” her friend Sandy wrote. “If you didn’t personally know her, you’d probably never know she was fighting for life.”

In 2007, Sherri was diagnosed with HER+/HER- invasive lobular carcinoma in the lobes and ducts of her breast. That’s a nasty type of breast cancer, and Sherri beat it. She was in remission for almost ten years. But in May of 2017, Sherri found out her breast cancer was back in metastatic form. Livable, but not curable.

Treatments only prevent further spreading. Her co-workers say they want to help her. “Sherri never asks for help, despite that she has to miss many days for doctor’s appointments,” says Sandy. “Our small Family and Children’s unit of 28 would like to do something special.”

This is where the unique request comes in. “Sherri loves couponing,” Sandy said. “It brings her joy. We are reaching out to you, hoping that you might know how we could get a large quantity of coupons for her. I know this is an odd request but we know she’d appreciate it.”

Okay. Why not? Why not just ask?

If you happen to be a coupon clipper, or know someone who has lots of coupons around and would like to send them to Sherri’s co-workers to make a big basket of coupons to give to Sherri -- a simple joy as she goes through a tough time in her battle right now – send them to this specific address:

Coupons for Sherri c/o Heather Summers, 1316 4th Creek Landing Dr. Statesville, NC 28625

Finding joy in simple things. Passing kindness on in unique ways. Not odd as you said, Sandy, just creative.

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