Two deadly house fires in Charlotte within hours of each other, CFD warning about fire safety as cooler temps arrive

Two people dead in two separate Charlotte fires

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Two deadly fires took place in Charlotte on Friday.

The first was just after midnight in east Charlotte on Birchcrest Drive. Two people were inside a home and one person was killed in the flames.

CFD says this started from a smoking object that was thrown away.

Then, just 7 hours later in north west Charlotte, another deadly fire on David Avenue.

Investigators have been sifting through rubble working to learn more about how that fire started.

Neighbors are upset one of the people in the neighborhood is now gone.

“To me, my neighbors are my family, you see them every day,” said Heather Taylor, a neighbor of the person who passed in the David Avenue fire.

Nearly every day Heather Taylor says she’d see an elderly man at the home that burned working outside.

“He’s always in his yard doing something, fixing something,” said Taylor.

But this Friday morning as the neighborhood was just waking up, an unusual sound.

“I was lying in bed and I heard this big boom. I thought a transformer went out," said Matthew Burriss."

“An explosion, something went wrong, and nobody knows what happened,” said Taylor. “This poor man’s life is gone becuase his house exploded.”

Now Charlotte fire is investigating this fire death.

But that's not all.

Just seven hours earlier on Birchcrest Drive in Charlotte another person lost their life in a fire.

“Anytime you have a fire fatality it’s a tragic incident that we work very hard to prevent,” said representatives with Charlotte Fire Department.

There were a total of 8 fire deaths last year.

As of October 18, 2019, there have been 8 so far in 2019.

“Back in the day my mom said be good to thy neighbor, you never know when you’re going to need your neighbor,” said Taylor.

Now missing a neighbor, Charlotte fire and the community urging you to be safe with temperatures getting cooler.

They suggest checking your house, fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide protectors.

“It’s becoming a cold season, people do things to stay warm and this is sad,” said Taylor.

Charlotte Fire did say something that may have contributed to not being able to get the victims out of the fire was a hoarding situation.

We’re still waiting to hear the cause of the fire on David Avenue.

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