When your child goes missing every second counts. Here’s what to do.

What parents can do if a child goes missing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Two Rock Hill families are holding their little ones a bit tighter tonight. The two young girls say a man approached them on their walk home from school and tried to abduct them. Police say the man grabbed one by her book bag. The girls, thankfully, knew what to do, kicked and screamed. They got away.

But what about the parents who have faced the other possible outcome? Do you know how important you are in helping police find your child?

First and foremost, don’t leave the spot where the child was last seen.

“Wherever they went missing from, stay there! Call us right there to that location so we can have the last known are that kids was in,” Lieutenant Michael Chavis of Rock Hill Police Department told us.

That phone call is crucial. The first few hours a child is missing, are the most important in efforts to track them down.

“If police are going to use resources, like canine and other officers for search, the quicker we get there to search the more ground we can cover on our end."

Your typical reaction would be to rush around and look for the child. Before you do that, make the call.

Lt. Chavis also says, if you child is going to be unsupervised at any point in their day, have an important conversation with your child.

“If a child is anywhere they are going to be alone. It is time for parents to go ahead and make sure they never walk alone.”

He also recommends you pay attention to what your child is wearing. Those types of clues about clothing can help others spot the child.

Make a family decision on when you child is mature enough to learn about stranger danger.

For more information on steps to take, and to see the latest on Amber Alerts across the country, visit The Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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