Forever Family: Meet Jaden

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 10:34 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It is easy to write about children as adorable and captivating as Jaden. You see his little smile, his dimpled cheeks, you hear his laughter that sounds like it is straight out of a Disney movie and I can almost hear our viewers questioning, “How does that child not have a family?”

What breaks my heart as the Forever Family Coordinator for North Carolina - and personally as a special needs and foster mother - is why we don’t hear viewers respond that way to EVERY child we feature. Why does this squishy cheeked, bouncy, bright little boy not have a forever family? The reason three year old Jaden does not have a permanent home is not because there isn’t one. The answer as to why you see this jovial face on our weekly segment is because we haven’t found his family yet.

At Forever Family we believe that for every waiting child in North Carolina there is a family out there that is perfect for them. Jaden is just one of 1,100 waiting children. These children are equally deserving, equally captivating and would each bring something unique and beautiful to a waiting family. Our hope through these forever family segments is to turn viewers into willing families. Families who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone, families who are willing to be a safe place for those in need. Most of all our hope is to find more families who are willing to be vulnerable enough to share their hearts for the children with stories that break ours.

If we had enough licensed foster-adoptive parents then we could have not just willing families, but waiting families and no waiting children. You see, I could write a post about all the incredible qualities I observed in this remarkable three year old survivor. I could speak in great detail about the many obstacles he has overcome and how he has continued to exceed the expectations of professionals. I could share about the light and joy he would bring to a family. I could tell you about the great hopes that I have for him, hopes that he would be home, hopes that he would have parents to love and nurture him, hope in a future filled with no more daunting uncertainties. However, one look at this giggly three year old and you will quickly share all those fuzzy feelings that I hold close to my heart.

Jaden touches my heart not because of his smile, his energy or because of the desirable age he is for most adoptive families. This little boy touches my heart because he is one who represents many. He represents hope. The hope of being adopted sooner rather than later. The hope that more people would consider fostering these incredible children and giving them the chance at a future with a family. The hope that someday soon Jaden and each and every one of our children on Forever Family would be able to open the door to a house and be able to smile with complete relief and peace knowing they are loved. The ability to say two simple words that can change everything for a child in foster care, “I’m Home.

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