‘The doctor and nurses... said it was a miracle’: SFA football player survives gunshot to forehead

‘The doctor and nurses... said it was a miracle’: SFA football player survives gunshot to forehead
Washington was shot in a drive-by shooting Sunday night. (Source: SFA athletics)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Doctors and nurses at a Dallas hospital said a Stephen F. Austin State University football player’s survival after a gunshot to the forehead wasn’t just unlikely, but that it was a miracle.

SFA head football coach Colby Carthel held a weekly press conference Monday where he shared details about LaCoryien Washington’s injury.

Carthel explained that Washington was recently home visiting family when he went to a party with his younger brother. While he was there, a car drove by the home and opened fire; Washington was struck in the forehead by one of the bullets.

“He took one right square in the forehead,” Carthel said. “It wasn’t a fatal injury or anything. It’s a miracle. The doctors and nurses and everything said it was a miracle. He had all function of all four limbs and all of his senses.”

Washington was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth for treatment. Several tests were run to check the extent of the damage on Sunday, which was minimal, Carthel said.

“He was awake, he just had a big ole thing on his head,” Carthel said, referencing the dressings Washington likely had from his post-injury treatment. “He wasn’t on oxygen or breathing tube; it was a lot better situation than I thought I was going to walk into when I hear one of your players got shot in the forehead.”

Washington was in good spirits during his visit, Carthel said. He added that Washington is expected in surgery Tuesday morning when neurosurgeons are expected to repair skull fractures he received. That’s when surgeons will also try to retrieve the bullet, which is still lodged in Washington’s skull.

“Just continue praying for him,” Carthel said. “He’s a tough kid; he’s got a great outlook on it.”

Washington is a freshman from Arlington and went to high school at Mansfield Summit.

The SFA Lumberjacks will hit the road this weekend to visit Abilene Christian. A homecoming of sorts for Carthel, who is a native of West Texas and even coached with Abilene before they joined the Southland Conference.

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