Union Co. high school student crowned Homecoming King in surprise celebration

Updated: Oct. 12, 2019 at 12:07 AM EDT
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UNIONVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - It is a standing ovation being heard across Union County, and it is for Piedmont High School student Hunter Adcock, who lives with cerebral palsy.

The exciting week for Hunter all started with a homecoming proposal. Taylee Wiley heard her classmate did not plan on going to the homecoming dance.

“I know that he loves all the people at the school,” she says.

And, Taylee wanted her friend to be with his classmates on the big night, so she made a sign and asked him to the dance in front of a cheering crowd.

What Hunter did not know was that there was more in store – a nomination for homecoming king.

“I didn’t have any words for a few moments,” Hunter says. “And it’s very rare that I don’t have words.”

Soon came the big announcement during a school assembly, crowning this year’s king. Before a staff member could even get Hunter’s full name out, a roar of applause hit the gymnasium, with students all standing up to cheer.

“The band started playing, it was a tear-jerking moment,” Hunter says.

“It was awesome when the whole school stood up,” his mom Toni Adcock says. “They’ve just been really awesome to Hunter.”

Piedmont High School student Hunter Adcock poses before the dance with his date Taylee Wiley.
Piedmont High School student Hunter Adcock poses before the dance with his date Taylee Wiley.(Taylee Wiley)

Not to mention, a homecoming dance to remember, for Hunter, and for his date.

“I guess the word’s life-changing, it really was,” Taylee says. “It just kind of showed me that we’re all equal, and we don’t need to put anybody down for anything different, because we’re all the same.”

This is Hunter’s last year at Piedmont High School. He says it is off to an awfully good start.

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