Residents, businesses forced to deal with boil water advisory in York County

Residents, businesses forced to deal with boil water advisory in York County

YORK COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - People across York County are still under a boil water advisory because of a massive water main break. While the break has been repaired, the water supply is still being filtered and tested, according to officials with the city of Rock Hill.

A tweet from the town’s official Twitter account notes that the test results should be available sometime late Friday. At that point, officials should know if the advisory can be lifted.

Jonathan Martin, a senior student at Winthrop University, said he is starting his fall break early because of the water issues. The university canceled classes for both Thursday and Friday. Students have been encouraged to leave campus.

“I had to brush my teeth with a water bottle this morning. I had to fix my hair at work. I work up in Charlotte so that was interesting. I couldn’t iron my suit shirt today cause no water,” explained Martin in an interview with WBTV.

Businesses are also feeling the impact of the advisory. All beer is being served in plastic cups at the Amor Artis brewery in Fort Mill. Employees said it is just one of the precautions they are taking because of the water trouble.

“We’ve been switching over to plastic, not using glassware, not rinsing anything or using any of the dishwashers. We have hand sanitizer in the bathrooms for people to use that instead of washing their hands with water,” said Jessie Hearn, a bartender at the brewery.

Joe Tindale, a York County resident, said the water issue had made it hard for him and his family to find an open Starbucks Thursday night.

“We called around and went to a few on Cherry Road and Celanese and they’re closed down. We called a couple here in Fort Mill and also the Target one in Rock Hill is closed so the closest one we could find was off Arrowood Road in Charlotte,” said Tindale.

Several restaurants are open despite the advisory, but some have been forced to closed. A Burger King on Cherry Road in Rock Hill sat empty Thursday night. A sign posted on a side door noted that the restaurant was closed because of the water issue and would reopen Friday morning.

While most problems caused by the boil water advisory are manageable, residents are ready for things to return to normal.

“I don’t go to school, so I’d like my water,” said York County resident Nick Pastore.

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