South Charlotte neighborhood reports two separate peeping toms in two days

Woman reports peeping toms on back-to-back nights in south Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - People living in the Thuringer Court neighborhood in South Charlotte are on edge.

“We’re all living our lives, we don’t need these people interrupting our lives in this disgusting manner,” Jim Rowe says.

Those neighbors report not one peeping tom there, but two.

“One on one night, and one on the other night,” HOA President Linda Britton says.

Britton tells WBTV a neighbor saw a man peeking in her back bedroom window in the middle of the night, then looking back at security video, saw another, different man, doing the same the night before. She filed a police report.

It is startling, for people living next door.

“I was really scared, because it felt like it was a sexual predator,” neighbor Kathleen says.

She and others nearby say they have all gotten closer as neighbors, trying to track these men down.

“You know, we’ve kind of gotten tighter, exchanged phone numbers, those that didn’t have them,” Rowe says.

Still, it is tough. They just want to know: Who are these men in the grainy, black-and-white video?

“You do what you can with it,” Katie Buttcher says. “But unless they had a sign that said ‘my name is…’ it’s really going to be hard.”

They say they try not to live in fear, but want these men caught.

“They could come back, and any of our homes could be violated, and our persons, God forbid,” Britton says.

One woman in the neighborhood says she thinks she knows who one of the men is, and that she told police, Tuesday.

After a check with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, officers say they do not have any updates on the case, and that no one has been arrested.

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