Charlotte fire visits every third grade classroom with safety message

Fire Safety Week

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If you have young kids in school in the Charlotte area, they may have come home today talking about fire prevention. If not, they likely will.

That’s because the Charlotte Fire Department says they will visit every single third grade class in the city this year. Right now, they’re ramping up efforts because it’s National Fire Prevention Week.

Firefighters say the lessons they teach kids in the classroom need to be practiced by everyone in the home.

“I feel like I’m special because I know what to do and how to get out of the fire," said Grisham Paimagam, a 5th grade student who was trained in fire safety at school by CFD.

“You have to immediately get down low, then once you reach the door you would feel it with the back of your palm,” said Grisham.

He learned that the back of your palm is more sensitive to feel heat, and you get low because of deadly gasses.

“If you keep on standing you’ll breathe in the carbon monoxide, which is a deadly gas," said Grisham.

“We know we’re giving them some lifelong safety skills we’re giving them,” said Rick Dunton, Fire and Life Safety educator with CFD.

Dunton spends time in schools every day as an educator with Charlotte Fire visiting a lot of classrooms.

“Every third grade class in the county. There are 600 classes that we do,” said Dunton.

They use charts to have the kids make an escape plan for their family.

“We made a fire plan, how to get out, when a fire happens, how to get out of the house, where to meet," said Grisham.

“Talk to your kids about what they’re learning about in school, talk about your home escape plan. They have a lot they can teach us now,” said Dunton.

Charlotte Fire does these classes all throughout the year. You can find more information on the program here.

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