Charlotte moviegoers sound off on theater safety as Joker film debuts nationwide

Charlotte moviegoers sound off on theater safety as Joker film debuts nationwide

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Across the country, comic book fans are expected to flock to movie theaters this weekend to see the new film, ‘Joker’. The movie depicts the origins of one of Batman’s most famed villains, The Joker. While many are excited to see the movie, there has been nationwide concern that the film may incite violence.

Dozens of people purchased tickets to see one of the first screenings at the AMC theater in Pineville Thursday night. A young man who spoke to WBTV after seeing the film had rave reviews.

“It was haunting. It was really, really good," said the man.

However, he admitted he was concerned about safety after learning of potential threats surrounding the movie.

"I was a little shaken going in there and I was a little cautious and in the theater I was like where can we get out or where can we go if something did happen,” said the man.

Across town at the Ayrsley Grand Cinema, plenty of people were headed in to the theater to see the blockbuster Thursday night. Moviegoer Sam Brock said he wasn’t worried about potential violence at the showing.

"Sure, something could happen, but that can happen anywhere at any time in this society so I’m not really sweating it,” said Brock.

Another moviegoer told WBTV that all the attention the potential threats are receiving is only causing more of a problem.

"The media and everything is really blowing it up to something it shouldn't be. This should be a conversation starter, not a let's freak everybody out moment," said Joker fan Adam Portrais.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department plans to keep a close watch on local theaters this weekend. Police say they will have an increased presence at local theaters.

"At this time I do want the community to know that there have not been any threats directly associated with the Charlotte area, however I do want the community to help us out,” explained Officer Blake Page with the CMPD.

He said the CMPD will be monitoring any potential threats, but wants members of the public to contact law enforcement if they hear of anything suspicious.

“If you hear something that’s concerning, if you see something that’s concerning, or if you know something, immediately call 9-1-1 and we’ll investigate it immediately," said Page.

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