Bond reduced for 16-year-old accused of shooting other teen while he was sleeping, new details come out in hearing

New information in 16-year-old's killing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A new bond was set for Cameron Holden, 16, accused of shooting and killing another 16-year-old while he was sleeping. The bond was set at $90,000. If he makes that bail, he will be on house arrest until his trial.

In the bond hearing, we also learned new details about the shooting investigation.

The prosecutor said in court Thursday, police were able to arrest a suspect in this case after an anonymous tipster called into CrimeStoppers and told them about a teenager with a stolen gun. It was unclear how the tipster knew that information.

The tipster said the gun was stolen and that Holden threw it into the woods off of Bushy Creek Drive. Police eventually found the gun and the prosecution claimed it had Holden’s DNA on it.

The prosecution also gave a possible motive in the case. The attorney said Holden and another boy at his high school had been in an ongoing fight physically and on social media.

At one point, the attorney said police found online messages between the two where Holden threatened to shoot the other student. The prosecution then said the student involved in the fight had just moved out of the house where the shooting happened. The prosecution alleges that Holden went to the house and shot at it, thinking the teenager he was fighting with was still living inside the home.

Holden’s defense attorney mentioned Holden does not have a record and was a decent student. The attorney said the evidence is circumstantial and questioned the validity of an anonymous tip.

“Nobody witnessed who did,” he said. “There was a gun found in response to an anonymous tip. Anonymous meaning who knows who made it, their source of information or why they did it, why they called police.”

He asked for the judge to lower his client’s bond because of his young age, mentioning he had a strong support system.

The judge complied and reduced his bond to $90,000. As of now this case is still going to trial.

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