Community helps repair home of family dealing with life challenges

Community helps repair home of family dealing with life challenges

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A group of strangers is coming to the aid of a family dealing with life challenges.

Chris and Kathy Murphy have two adult children. Their 18-year-old daughter Sarah has severe autism. She requires supervision and therapies. The family has to take care of Sarah constantly. That has meant home repairs not getting done and medical treatments getting skipped.

While the family dealt with these challenges, Chris was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He is no longer able to work full-time and now has to rely on others to do the needed work around the house.

“I just haven’t been able to do some of the stuff because my arm not working correctly.” Chris Murphy said.

As a result of the lack of attention a leaking toilet continued, mold was discovered, dry rot found in the back of the house and appliances broken. Shelley Reilley is a mother who has kids with autism. She knows the Murphy family and what they have to go through. She wanted to help give them a safe house to live in.

“The reason we picked them,” Organizer Katie Page said. "Is one - they are a very giving family. They may not have much to give - they will give you whatever they can if you need something and that’s why we are giving back to them.

It is estimated the Murphy house needs about $20,000 worth of attention. Reilley, along with a group of mothers with children who live with autism, started putting in the work.

“We ripped up the carpet,” Reilley said. “And then noticed that the sub-flooring had some issues, so we had to replace sub-flooring one thing led to another. All three bathrooms have been taken out. The kitchen has been taken out. The sub-flooring has been replaced. We are now in the process of painting and putting up drywall.”

The goal was to finish the repairs in a few weeks, but the work is taking longer than expected.

“We can’t walk away from this,” Reilley said. “You know you find mold - you have to take care of it. You find drywall that needs to be replaced - you have to take care of it.”

Time and money are running out for this project. The Murphys have been living in a rental house while their home is being worked on. The goal is to complete the work by October 20. Money is still needed for siding, gutter and windows. The Murphys say they are grateful the community chipped in. Some were strangers who heard about the effort and pitched in.

“Thank you is almost too small of a word,” Chris Murphy said. “Because it doesn’t really touch how I feel - thank you - appreciate it.”

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