New mobile business targets the spine

Chiropractor takes practice on the road

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There is a new business in town that targets your spine. Dr. Darryll Williams, who’s been a chiropractor for about 10 years, says he thought of this business when some of his customers were missing their appointments.

“I noticed a lot of my teacher patients, they never wanted to come in for treatment because they didn’t have time - because by the time they got off work, they wanted to go home and spend time with their families,” Williams said.

Williams says he understood that reason and had to do something to address it. He believes his service offers preventive care and that people should do what they can to protect their spine.

“If we can take better care of our spines, we can prevent a lot of those aches and pain," Williams said. "Or when those aches and pains do come in, they are not as bad or they don’t last as long because you have already been taking care of your spine.”

Williams decided to transform a van into an office. Inside the van is a bench where Williams does his work and clients climb in to get relief. His business, “Protect Your Neck," has been up and running since August - and it has made a difference.

“Huge advantage for the patient,” Williams said. “Number one - I am not intruding on their homes, so they don’t have to put the pets up or anything like that.”

Patients have also noticed a difference. Jennifer Fulton, who has been a patient of Williams’ for several years, says she has a young child and finding a babysitter to keep her appointments has been a challenge. Since Williams started his new business, Fulton can keep her appointments. Williams comes to her about every other week.

“There’s a lot of mobile boutiques,” Patient Jennifer Fulton said. “Or you see food trucks - obviously but this is very convenient.”

20 years ago Fulton suffered trauma to her head and neck. She says since that injury she has suffered headaches, back and neck pain. She claims her pain subsided when she started regularly coming to Williams.

“I like to keep my spine in alignment,” Fulton said. “And it keeps everything good for me.”

Each visit last about 10 minutes and cost about $50. Treatments do vary. Williams makes things convenient for his customers - even when it comes to filling out paperwork.

“All of the intake forms,” Williams said. “You don’t have to print anything off - once I send you the link you fill out online - it let’s me know when you complete it and then we go from there.”

Williams says he wants to grow this business. His goal is to purchase another van and expand this business to other North Carolina cities and to other states.

“I’m currently trying to get my South Carolina license,” Williams said. “So I can begin to service those in Fort Mill and Rock Hill as well...I’m gonna take this on the road.”

For more information call 980-699-6996 or click here.

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