Forever Family: Meet Patience

Published: Sep. 26, 2019 at 12:35 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Patience is not only the name of this animated young woman but it is also the theme word in the story of her life so far.

Thirteen-year-old Patience is one of a very large sibling set with seven children in all. She comes from a family filled with lots of brothers and sisters, all with their unique and fun personalities, as evidenced by her bubbly sister sitting next to her in the interview that you will see.

Unfortunately due to the nature of foster care not only has Patience had to endure being separated from her birth parents when she was removed from her home years ago, but she has also had to be placed in a home away from her siblings. Over the years Patience has grown up away from her siblings while she waited for a forever family of her own.

All of her other five siblings have been adopted and she and her younger sister JaNiya are the only two left waiting for their forever family.

This is just a small piece of Patience’s story. A story where this young woman has had to be patient in foster care enduring heartache and battling feeling hopeless while she saw sibling after sibling find their forever families. She has had to not only remain patient, but also stay hopeful.

Not only has Patience persevered on this journey while she held out hope for a home that would keep her and her sister JaNiya together, but she has kept her fire and spunk at the core of her identity. Patience has a beautiful smile, a love for life, a silliness and a spotlight that seems to follow her. During filming when others were reluctant to engage or try things at the news station she stepped forward. She dazzled and captivated the crew with her fun and vibrant personality. She stood in front of the cameras with confidence and had a spark in not only her camera-ready smile, but also in her quick responses when she was interviewed.

Patience did not shy away from anything that day at filming and was ready to show the world what an incredible young woman she is. It is my hope and prayer that being patient would no longer be the theme word in future chapters of her story.

I pray that she would no longer have to be patient while she waits for her forever family. Forever Family desires to encourage the community to respond to these children as a result of hearing their stories. It is our mission to create more families who are willing to step out in faith and say yes to children like Patience and JaNiya. Parents who are dedicated to being strong and patient as they help these two girls navigate their teen years and move into adulthood.

I want to hear the word “Patience” and think of the beaming smile of this animated thirteen year old instead of thinking about the word that tells of her story while she waits desperately in foster care. I believe that the theme word for her future, the word she deserves should be... HOME.

This article was written by Ashley McKinley. the Program Development Director and North Carolina Forever Families Coordinator with Seven Homes Inc.

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