Mooresville man hospitalized after complications from vaping

Man blames illness on vaping

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - A 35-year-old Mooresville man was seemingly healthy until this past June, when a cough and chest pain landed him in the hospital for almost a week.

He says vaping is to blame.

After 15 years of smoking cigarettes, Andrew Doss turned to vaping about a year ago in hopes to eventually kick the habit.

““I could definitely tell at the beginning that it was a little stronger than a cigarette,” Doss said. "I did step down on the nicotine levels a couple of times.”

He was surprised his e-cigarette was that strong, but he didn’t know how strong until this summer.

“I coughed and it was the strangest cough I’ve ever had," he said. "I had a huge pain in my chest.”

His co-worker took him to Atrium Pineville and things went from bad to worse.

“I had a chest x-ray and that’s when they found out I had a collapsed lung,” he said.

Doctors put him on oxygen and when that didn’t work, they put a tube in his chest.

“If the collapsed lung didn’t cure me of smoking, the chest tube definitely did,” he said. “My wife had to walk out of the hospital because she could hear me screaming from five floors away.”

His doctor told him all that pain was potentially caused by his switch in habits.

“This was caused by my vaping,” he said. “She said if you kept smoking cigarettes you wouldn’t be here right now.”

Doctors with Atrium Health say more research needs to be done.

“There might be some additional additives, some additional concerns. The high concentration of nicotine in these products is also extremely addictive.”

Doss hopes people stop before it’s too late.

“It may not have happened to you yet, but it may just take a batch of bad juice and suddenly you’re causing real damage,” he said.

Doss says he is lucky to be alive and although he still has cravings, he won’t be smoking cigarettes or vaping again.

He’s also having the conversation with his young children so they understand the dangers.

Local man hospitalized due to suspected vaping complications

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