Toddler in critical condition following reported near-drowning at Gastonia home

Toddler nearly drowns in pool, in critical condition

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - A 2-year-old child is in critical condition following a reported near-drowning in Gaston County Saturday morning.

Police say they were called to a possible drowning around 11:21 a.m. Saturday at a home on Holly Hills Drive in Gastonia. Officials say the child, identified by family as 2-year-old Grayson Brannon, was found unresponsive in a backyard pool.

The family said Grayson was able to get through a gate before falling into the pool. They said Grayson’s great aunt called 911 while his father gave him CPR until the ambulance got to the scene.

The great aunt, Debora Flowers, told WBTV that the child had been playing with other children in her yard when he made it through a gate that had blocked off access to the pool.

“You know kids. Kids can do anything when you don’t think they can," she said.

The children he was playing with said he went to get some pool water in his goggles to make mud pies.

“He must have tried to dip into the pool and he must have had fallen when he tried to get the water up with his goggles in his hand," Flowers said.

She explained that the toddler’s father jumped into the pool as soon as he saw him in the water and began performing CPR.

“Screaming and hollering most terrifying scream I ever heard from a father," she said. "He had him in his arms. He picked him up and sat him down and started doing CPR on him.”

Once there, Gaston EMS provided immediate treatment and the child was taken to CaroMont Regional Medical Center. Grayson was later transferred to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.

He remains in critical condition.

Flowers is holding onto hope.

“They say he’s brain dead but I don’t believe that because I’m a Christian and I know God can heal and I hope everybody will pray for him,” she said.

Flowers also said the house has a sensor that goes off anytime someone exits onto the back porch near the pool, but the child entered from the side gate so they were not alerted that he was there.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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