Matthews mom says 2 second graders walked out of school, frustrated parents weren’t notified

When asked if this happened, CMS didn’t deny it, but said they couldn’t discuss student’s behaviors.

Matthews mom says 2 second graders walked out of school, frustrated parents weren’t notified

MATTHEWS, N.C. (WBTV) - Imagine two elementary school-aged students walk off their school’s campus without an adult noticing. That’s what one Matthews Elementary mom said happened last Friday and she said parents weren’t notified.

In a statement, CMS didn’t deny that this happened, but instead said they couldn’t discuss student’s behavior.

“Two kids walked off of campus, easily, that’s a huge deal," said a mom of a student at Matthews Elementary School. She didn’t want to be identified because her young daughter goes to the school.

“CMS and the school itself both have responsibility here to notify the parents and have a better look at the security of how kids can get out," she said.

This parent said two second graders asked for a bathroom pass and instead of going to the restroom, walked out the building. She then said the principal found the kids safely a couple blocks away after the teacher noticed they weren’t back.

“We should have policies and procedures and when you find out children are missing, you need to go on lock down and contact authorities," the mom added.

CMS sent the following statement when we asked if this incident did happen and if so, why weren’t parents notified.

“The safety and security of all students and staff is top priority for CMS at all times. CMS is unable to provide any details regarding student behavior, activities or discipline in accordance with the federal student privacy laws and CMS Board policy. Any incident involving student behavior is always addressed with the parents/guardians of the students involved. School wide notification is a normal process when there is a possibility of danger to all students and staff.”
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This mom hopes CMS reevaluates their policies and security measures.

“Everybody is really worried about people getting into the school and things getting locked down, but we’re not thinking about kids, very young kids even, escaping and getting out of the school," she said.

That mom also pointed out unlike other elementary schools, Matthews shared property with a community center. Another reason she said security needs to be looked at again.

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