Lakeview Farms brings about nostalgia with milk-delivery service

Lakeview Farms brings about nostalgia with milk-delivery service

FORT MILL, S.C. (WBTV) - When convenience and health are top priority for many Americans this day in age, a Fort Mill businessman is refurbishing an old concept to meet those needs.

Jim Price is the owner of Lakeview Farms. He came up with the idea to bring back milk in glass bottles and deliver them to doorsteps after his daughter called him with a problem.

“She couldn’t find a nutritious milk to raise my grandchildren,” Price said.

He found a farm in Virginia that produces and ships fresh milk to his depot in Fort Mill.

"The milk is produced from cows that are out in the pasture like the way cows are supposed to be," Price said. "There is no growth or production hormones used in the cows. They are treated in a human manner, therefore the milk is coming from happy cows."

He says they get milk and dairy shipments from the Virginia farm about once a week. His drivers load up milk trucks and deliver the milk in glass bottles to customer’s doorsteps. Customers have a Lakeview Farms cooling box or their own cooler on the front doorstep to temporarily store the milk. Price says they deliver before sunrise so customers have access to the milk before they leave in the morning.

Nicole Ward has been a Lakeview Farms customer for four years. She said she started getting milk delivered so she wouldn’t run out so often. Now, she sees another benefit of it.

"It's all clean food. So you're farm to table. I love that," Ward said.

Ward says her 13-year-old son who has Autism has less agitation when eating and drinking unprocessed foods. Since switching him to the natural milk, she says they won't go back.

"The food from Lakeview Farms, that's all we use with him. He cannot use anything else," Ward said.

Price says the milk is at its peak performance for 7-14 days after delivery. The milk does not go bad, but the strength of its vitamin may depreciate after that time.

Aside from the health benefits, Price says customers like the nostalgia of having the milk man come to their door each morning.

“It reminds people, I would say, of the good ol’ days,” Price said. “There’s all kinds of stories involving the milk man and most of them are true.”

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