September 17th: Adam Kincaid. The ups-and-downs of a summer.

September 17th: Adam Kincaid. The ups-and-downs of a summer.
Adam Kincaid had an eventful summer in his fight against NUT Midline Carcinoma (Source: Family)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - September 17th: Adam Kincaid had an eventful summer in his fight against NUT Midline Carcinoma.

Never heard of it? Most haven’t.

Only 100 documented cases in the world.

This Belmont 15-year-old is one of them.

NUT midline carcinoma is a very aggressive squamous cell ephithelial cancer. It usually arises in the midline of the body. In Adam’s case, a CT scan showed a large mass in his upper left lung and a tumor on his T9 vertebrae.

“We’ve had lots of ups and downs the past few months,” mom Kim said. “Adam had major surgery in June to remove his entire left lung, some lymph nodes, and repair the pulmonary artery (all which were consumed by the tumor). He has been steadily fighting since then. His last scan in July showed good things, mainly about his tumors decreasing in size with no new growth. He experienced minimal side effects from the chemo and radiation treatments… until this past cycle when he took a pretty hard hit.”

In addition to Adam’s 21-day chemo regimen he’s also getting daily radiation.

“This type of cancer is so rare there is no real protocol to follow for treatments,” Kim said. “Research is slow. There aren’t enough cases documented to provide helpful information. The doctors at Levine Children's Hospital are just following a treatment protocol they think will be effective. But we don't really know.”

Adam's next scan is in October. That’ll decide which direction to go and show if treatments are really working.

As for school, Adam is a sophomore at South Point High School in Gaston County. He just started the home bound program. Over the summer he and his family traveled to California (eight days with nine people!), and he also finished Driver’s Ed and is set to get his permit soon.

“Our hope is that the treatment protocol the docs are following will continue to do it's job,” Kim said. “How cool would it be to next year feature Adam and have all of this behind him? That’s our goal. We want his story to be a testimony of true faith and miracles.”


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