No air conditioning at YMCA-run after school facility in Clover, parents say

Concerns about AC issues at YMCA

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Parents say their kids are dealing with no air conditioning in the building of their after school care program in Clover.

Destiny Ivester sends her 8-year-old daughter to the after school care program, just off of Memorial Drive in Clover, South Carolina. The YMCA runs the program, using a building which was once the local armory years ago. Ivester says the building is in desperate need of renovations.

"They are all drenched in sweat.”

“They have no air conditioning, no heat for the winter," says Ivester. She says its a big concern with the high temperatures and the heat the area has been experiencing lately.

“I go there in the afternoon to pick them up and they are all drenched in sweat," said another parent.

From the outside you can see the building has air conditioning units installed, but parents say they don’t work - and haven’t for quite some time.

Representatives with the YMCA say the building does have air conditioning in certain parts/classrooms in the building, but the larger portion of the facility - which is the area considered to be where most of the children’s time is spent - does not have air conditioning. The YMCA says they do provide fans.

Parents say the roof of the building has structural issues and the front steps aren’t safe to use - a broken-down sign blocks them. Parents and students enter from side doors.

A broken down caution sign blocks the front steps of the building where the after school program is held.
A broken down caution sign blocks the front steps of the building where the after school program is held. (Source: Chandler Morgan)

“We just keep being told that they are going to get fans and ice machines and that’s supposed to help them," says Ivester.

Ivester’s daughter has asthma, and with the heat and no AC in the building, she says her daughter texted her Monday off of her cell phone she only uses during emergencies worried she was having an asthma attack.

“She messaged me and other parents asking if another parent could take her home because she felt like she was so hot she couldn’t breathe,” Ivester explained.

Parents and students have to use the side doors to enter the building.
Parents and students have to use the side doors to enter the building. (Source: Chandler Morgan)

Ivester isn’t the only parent we talked to who had concerns.

“We want to send out kids somewhere safe for them, health-wise and safety reasons," says concerned parent Elizabeth Rios.

Parents say its not as easy as it may seem to just decide to send their kids to a program somewhere else. The program is just around the corner from Larne Elementary where both their children go to school.

“It’s a small town, so there’s not really a lot of options for a lot of care," says Ivester.

“It’s the YMCA, so to me it’s crazy that they aren’t making the environment safer," says Rios.

“I just want it to be taken seriously," added Iveseter. "I just want them to understand these are elementary-aged children. We are parents who are trusting this facility to keep our kids safe and I feel like they should improve those conditions so we aren’t worrying while we are at work and our child is in their care.”

WBTV reached out to the YMCA in Clover to ask what they are doing about these parents’ concerns, and they said they were going to get back with us by the time this report was published, but we have not heard back with the information we specifically asked for.

We also reached out to the Town of Clover for information about how recently that building has been inspected, but the town’s communications representative who also represent building and code inspections for the time being was not immediately available for comment.

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