Driver of ATV involved in train crash faces charges

Driver of ATV involved in train crash faces charges

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say a driver of an ATV has pending charges against him after they say he sped past a car and ignored warning signals about a light rail train that hit him on Monday night.

The crash happened in South End at the intersection of Camden Road and East Boulevard.

The driver of the ATV was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. It’s unclear how the victim is doing currently.

Customers and employees at Blaze Pizza, which is on the corner of this intersection, witnessed the crash.

“We look over and we’re like what’s going on?” said Blaze employee, Fred Davidson. “A few people went out to try and help and see what they can do.”

Just a few days ago, a man tweeted at CMPD about reckless ATV drivers in the University City area.

“I’m all about alternative modes of transportation when it’s done safely, and they aren’t doing that,” said Mark, who didn’t want us to use his last name.

Mark said a group of ATV riders were running red lights and driving through construction zones nearby his home.

“They blasted past me when traffic was coming off the interstate.”

It’s a problem WBTV has talked about in the past. There have been multiple reports of ATV’s and dirt bikes in large groups, spotted weaving in and out of traffic, sometimes causing accident to innocent bystanders.

North Carolina law says you’re only allowed to drive an ATV to cross public streets and if you’re wearing an approved helmet and eye protection.

Police say the ATV driver last night was not wearing a helmet

“Its out of control, it’s lawlessness," said Mark. "I don’t want to be a big old geek and say ‘oh that’s lawless’, but it’s really not safe.”

Although the intersection of Camden Road and East/West Boulevard ranks pretty low in the number of crashes per year according to City of Charlotte data, many people in the area reported seeing people speed through the warning lights and barriers almost every time a train goes by.

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