‘I’m just glad I didn’t get hit,’ 10-year-old boy says after bullets pierce homes in Iredell Co neighborhood

10-year-old nearly hit by gunfire

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - Neighbors are pressing for answers after gunfire erupted in a Mooresville neighborhood on Saturday.

Multiple homes in the Curtis Pond neighborhood were hit by bullets.

No one was hurt, but one family says a bullet nearly struck their 10-year-old son.

Now that family, along with others who were too scared by the events to go on camera, say they want charges pressed against whoever was shooting stray bullets that nearly hit multiple homes in the neighborhood.

“I just feel kinda lucky,” said 10-year-old Caleb Anderson.

Caleb says he feels lucky a bullet did not hit him when it came piercing through the wall of his home.

“A second different and it could have hit him easily,” said Richard Anderson, Caleb’s father.

Richard says the bullets hit their Mooresville home in the middle of the afternoon Saturday.

“I got a piece of candy and I headed up the stairs," said Caleb. ”I was just glad I ran up the stairs and didn’t walk."

Caleb says he is usually a speed demon on the stairs, but on Saturday he weas especially grateful for it because it may have saved him from being hit by the bullet.

“I just don’t want to go through that pain at my age,” said Caleb.

“It was pretty upsetting when a bullet comes through a wall and is that close to your kid,” said Richard.

Mooresville Police say they have identified suspects who were shooting. Those people were on private property that backs up to the neighborhood.

They say multiple homes were hit by the bullets were not hit intentionally.

“The bullets just kept going up and got me and two other neighbors,” said Richard.

One of those neighbors say a bullet shattered their window and hit the bed where a father was resting.

Now residents say they are nervous in their own homes.

“Just be more careful next time and aim away from areas that are populated,” said Caleb. “I’m just glad I didn’t get hit.”

Mooresville Police say no charges have been made at this time.

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