Big changes in the forecast? To say the least!!

Sunday evening forecast

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - After scorching temperatures last week with three straight days at 95, only to see Thursday hit 98 degrees, highs topped out at 91 degrees on Sunday in Charlotte. That may seem like a break, but that’s still around 10 degrees above average – that’s a big departure. But a real break is on the way, and this time there will be no mistake it will feel like Fall by the middling innings of this upcoming week.

That’s right, highs will drop into the upper 70s for a few days later this week with lows sinking into the crisp 50s and yes, there will be a commensurate drop in humidity as well. So all the ingredients are there for the first true taste of fall this week.

The only chance of rain this week is very small, along the moisture-starved cold front that will pass through Tuesday night which will open the door for the cooler air mass to arrive on Wednesday.

Enjoy the upcoming changes!

Meteorologist Eric Thomas

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