Piece of land in heart of Plaza Midwood for sale has some local businesses worried

Piece of land in heart of Plaza Midwood for sale has some local businesses worried

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A chunk of land in the heart of Charlotte’s Plaza Midwood neighborhood is now up for sale.

A 12-acre plot of land at Central Avenue and Pecan listed for sale by Berkley Capital Advisors. Among residents and local business owners there is some fear of the unknown and rising rents, with some saying they are already expecting they’ll have to close down.

Residents say this possible sale has them bracing for a lot of change coming to Plaza Midwood.

“It’s transformative for this property to be available, and it could redefine the neighborhood for the next decade or two, what happens in this parking lot," said Andy Leicster, a 15-year resident of Plaza Midwood and small business owner of the Daily Mews Cat Cafe in the neighborhood.

Over the years, Leicster has watched the neighborhood grow and says just this year there’s been a new, controversial parking policy in Central Square.

“Parking is a challenge. People have been booted and towed here,” said Leicster. “There’s a lot of friction around this property and it’s amazing that it’s for sale.”

Berkley Capital Advisors has this Central and Pecan spot listed as up for grabs. They did not respond to calls or emailed questions about the listing.

County property records show the whole lot - about 12-acres - is valued at around $18 million.

“Change is inevitable. It hurts sometimes, sometimes it stinks for those local businesses, but sometimes it’s good,” said Jenny Taylor, a local resident.

Local businesses like Sammy’s Deli on Pecan Avenue are included in the lot.

Sammy’s owner told WBTV off camera he thinks he’ll be forced to close if a sale goes through.

“I can understand how rents could go up and hurt some great local business that have been a staple of the Plaza area,” said Taylor.

Jenny Taylor’s lived nearby for years, too, and says some of her neighbors own small businesses.

“It’d be really hard to see our neighbors suffer because of big development coming in," said Taylor. “A lot of businesses in that area are close to the heart.”

Leicster says if a sale goes through, parking is a need for a new developer to address while still keeping the spirit of the neighborhood in mind.

“This is definitely I think ground zero for Plaza Midwood... there won’t be an Abercrombie and Fitch here anytime soon,” said Leicster. “Developers in the neighborhood should look at doing something that would be a win-win for the city.”

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