Charlotte area grocery stores prefer if you don’t openly carry guns inside

Grocery stores ask customers not to openly carry guns

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Even though North Carolina is an open carry state, the people who run some of your favorite grocery stores are asking that you don’t bring your firearm inside.

The push to try and keep guns out of grocery stores started after two deadly shootings earlier this year at a Texas and Mississippi Walmart.

Grocery stores can’t change or control gun laws. However, they can ask that you not openly carry a gun while you shop.

“I do 100 percent believe in the right of gun owners and the amendment that says the right to bear arms,” said Alex Wright who supports the North Carolina open carry law.

According to WBTV’s news partners over at the Charlotte Observer. Publix, Lidl, Trader Joe’s and Walmart say they are “respectfully requesting” customers don’t bring guns into stores.

While Food Lion sent a statement saying the company would “prefer for customers to voluntarily refrain from bringing firearms and other weapons into our stores.”

Susan Gagmon is one who sides with the grocery stores. She says seeing a person openly carry makes her nervous.

“It does. You just never know. We’ve heard all of these horrible stories about people just losing it over nothing and you just never know when something tragic can happen,” said Gagmon.

She’s not alone. Deatrite Green who owns a gun, but keeps it locked up at home, is right there with her.

“It’s no reason to have a firearm in the grocery store. What’s going to happen? Unless you have plans to do something you’re not supposed to," said Green.

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