BLOG: Humberto strengthens but heads away from the Carolinas

Humberto update 9/15



Humberto has gotten stronger over the past 24 hours. It should become a category 1 and then a category 2 storm by midweek. The good news is that it is moving away from the US. Other than higher swells at the coast, and a few clouds from the very outer reaches of the storm, we shouldn’t feel any effects around here.

There is a still a concern for Bermuda. The storm will be a cat 2 as it gets close to them on Wednesday night. As of now, the forecast track is just north of them but that can still change between now and then.

We will continue to keep an eye on it!

- Meteorologist Leigh Brock


As of the 10am update – the storm has 40mph winds. It is moving NW 7mph - very close to Great Abaco Island but about 30mi off shore.

This storm will continue to move parallel to the Florida coast before it heads out into open waters. Bermuda will want to be on alert next week but the Carolina coast looks like it will be spared this time. Humberto is much weaker than Dorian was. This storm will likely remain a tropical storm through the weekend. It may become a category 1 storm in the new week – as it is moving away from the US.

- Meteorologist Leigh Brock


Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine is expected to develop into a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm Humberto late today or over the weekend as it tracks northwest over the Bahamas.

Currently, there’s a considerable degree of uncertainty about the storm’s movement and development after the weekend. However, most reliable models suggest the storm will hug Florida’s east coast as it moves north.

The storm will then likely attempt to a wedge a path between two areas of high pressure - one over the eastern U.S. the other over the western Atlantic Ocean – early next week.

It’s too early to tell if the coastal Carolinas will be directly impacted by this tropical system, however, elevated rain chances are likely by midweek.

Be sure to check back throughout the weekend for updates on the Tropics from the First Alert Weather Team.

- First Alert Meteorologist Jonathan Stacey


Just as soon as we get rid of Dorian, we are watching another storm brewing and heading toward the Bahamas. This storm doesn’t have a name yet but it is currently known as Potential Tropical Cyclone #9. (The names keep getting longer and longer, don’t they?)

This storm currently has sustained winds of 30mph. It is moving NW at 8mph. That means is it headed for the Bahamas. Thankfully, not all of the islands were terribly hard hit by Dorian but Grand Bahama, which sat right in the eye for such a long time, looks to be in the path of this one too.

There’s a huge difference in the two storms. This one is much weaker.

Currently, the winds are 30mph. That doesn’t even compare to the 185mph winds Dorian unleashed on Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands. So, fortunately the storm is weaker but I’m not sure those islands can handle even a regular thunderstorm at this point. Their homes are in ruins and thousands of people are still missing.

Where does it go from there? The current track from the NHC puts it close to the Florida coast as a tropical storm on Saturday. It moves up the coast and then stalls out over southern GA and SC.

Again, it shouldn’t have terribly strong winds if it stalls out, it could bring a lot of rain to those places.

As of now, the storm doesn’t look like it will directly impact the WBTV viewing area, but we all know the track can change. That’s why we will be watching it closely over the next week.

- Meteorologist Leigh Brock

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