Students put up massive 9/11 memorial in Caldwell County

A new generation remembers Sept. 11

CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Students at South Caldwell High School got a surprise as they went to school Wednesday morning.

On the earth berm outside the main entrance was a massive display of flags in the shape of 9/11. The memorial on this 18th anniversary was put together by a club on campus, the Young Americans for Freedom.

On Tuesday night, they placed 2,977 flags in the pattern of the number 9/11. One flag for each victim of that day.

The students said it was done so people would not forget the events of the day. They learned about it in history books and from family. Most were not even born when the attacks happened.

Taylor Austin says her grandmother sponsored the club and the project and bought the flags for them.

School officials said they were proud that the kids took the initiative to do it.

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