September 12th: Ally Davis just got great news, in a year she could use it

Molly's Kids: Ally Davis just got great news

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - September 12th:

1) Ally Davis is one of our longtime amazing #MollysKids.

2) She’ll be on at 7:30 p.m. with Jamie Boll WBTV.

3) This 15-year-old is beating cancer, while WHILE taking college classes. Isn't her high school photo beautiful?

This 15-year-old is beating cancer, while taking college classes.
This 15-year-old is beating cancer, while taking college classes. (Source: Family)

But you guys know we always tell the real here and the truth of the matter is, Ally has had a rough 2019.

Last time we had an update, she was dealing with news she’d relapsed with Stage III Hodgkins Lymphoma. The cancer re-diagnosis happened in February. Afterwards, this Cabarrus County teen underwent a stem cell transplant.

There was lots of hope wrapped up in this stem cell transplant. Her dad Preston explained it simply: If her body would accept the new cells, she could leave the hospital sooner and in theory be on track to feel better faster.

If her body didn’t respond well, she’d be hospitalized longer.

In typical Ally fashion, she handled things amazingly well. Her body took the cells. She was able to go home after 16 days, setting a record for the shortest-stay-post-transplant.

A recent scan on August 12th showed no new cancer growth, but did show two “shadowy spots” in her left lung. The doctor said they'd re-scan in four weeks. That scan was this past Monday, September 9th.

Results came back and showed the spots shrunk.

Ally's entire family exhaled. NO CONCERN of cancer.

Doctors believed those shadows were primarily scar tissue.

As long as all this stays the same, Ally will ring that remission bell (again) on October 11th.


On top of all this medical stuff she didn’t ask for and doesn’t want… Ally has somehow been not only working on kicking cancer’s butt, but also on excelling hugely at school. She is enrolled at Early College High School at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Which means she’s labeled as a high school sophomore, but taking her three core classes for a junior and in the spring will focus on her three senior core classes.

Her curriculum also has at least two college classes added in each semester.

If she does all this successfully – and I’ve learned to never bet against Ally – she’ll go through freshman and sophomore high school year in one year, junior and senior high school year in year two, then college classes in years three and four.

That means when she graduates, she’ll have her high school diploma AND an associates degree. It’s crazy awesome.

Even crazier is that because her cancer treatments kept her out of school last spring, this fall she’s doing the current accelerated work load, but also making up her courses from last spring.

“She is determined, focused and unwavering in her mission to catch up,” her dad Preston said. “Her mom and I are proud beyond words and admire her determination.”

As if all that’s not enough, Ally also works relentlessly on her Team Ally Foundation, as well as raising funds for blood cancer research and treatment for L.L.S. Earlier this year, she raised over $34,000 in 7 weeks for her Leukemia Lymphoma Society's "Student of the Year" campaign, and was awarded the L.L.S. Mission Statement Award. She's also been recognized as one of Lake Norman's Amazing Young Women.

The title fits.

Love ya, Ally. Keep going. See you tonight at 7:30 p.m.


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This 15-year-old is beating cancer, while taking college classes.
This 15-year-old is beating cancer, while taking college classes. (Source: Family)

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