US Congressman elect Dan Bishop gives credit to President Trump for win

US Congressman elect Dan Bishop gives credit to President Trump for win

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - After gaining ground to try and win a seat to represent North Carolina’s District 9 in the U.S. Congress, Republican Dan Bishop took all in Tuesday’s elections. Wednesday morning, during his victory lap, he stopped by WBTV to share how he feels and what immediate plans he’s working on.

The newly elected congressman said this race was truly something, because he was behind Democratic opponent Dan McCready when it came to campaigning due to last year’s election fraud. He admitted McCready was an effective candidate who sent him a really nice message after the election wrapped up.

Dan Bishop says he has no choice but to go into Washington with tunnel vision. He’s already working on what the first 100 days in House will look like.

“I know two things that I intend to do is one: 9th district has been without a congressman. I tend to set up a constituent services operation that is second to none and I intend to do that quickly,” said Bishop.

His second plan of action?

“I’m going to be a defender of the president,” said Bishop.

Right before Election Day, data for early voting showed Democrats outvoting Republicans in the 9th district. Bishop let us in on his secret to how he was able to pull out the win.

“A lot of folks think you focus on Mecklenburg and Union County, and the rest of the district doesn’t matter. They’re totally wrong,” said Bishop.

He said his big weapon of defense was having President Donald Trump come to Fayetteville to rally earlier this week, and the rest is history.

“We won Cumberland County, we won Bladen County and we almost won Robeson County,” said Bishop.

One take away that’s been heavy on his mind is how politics are evolving and how that impacts how he’ll do the job in D.C.

“Republicans are becoming more of a party of people who are hardworking, struggling along and need common sense policies to make their lives better,” said Bishop.

The congressman elect will have to settle in quick, because in three months he’s going to have to re-file to run during the 2020 elections.

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