Mustang sanctuary evacuates dozens of therapy horses, receives gift from anonymous donor

Therapy horses brought to safety from hurricane

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - When Hurricane Dorian started a path toward the North Carolina coast, many families packed up their belongings and boarded up their houses.

Other families though had to worry about their farms, and the dozens of horses that go with it.

The I Am Herd Mustang Sanctuary, based out of Wilmington, had to haul dozens of mustangs using a small trailer which took them days. These mustangs are used for therapy and travel to hospitals and inner city schools to help bring comfort to those people. So the non-profit leaders said it’s even more important to get the animals to safety.

“If there’s a possible threat, we’re going to make the decision to go ahead and evacuate,” said Mary Miller Jordan, who runs the non-profit.

They started evacuating the horses after Hurricane Florence flooded their farm in Wilmington. The Jordan family was forced to evacuate after the sheriff’s department advised them to do so. The horses were left on the farm, but eventually were stranded in flood water, only surviving thanks to a ‘miracle hill’ they were able to stand on.

This time they didn’t want to risk it. So they packed up their horses and started the journey towards Charlotte.

“We’re a herd, it’s not a part of them, it’s all of them,” said Jordan. “It took us three days to get completely evacuated and you don’t always have that time.”

But good news came their way in the shape of an anonymous donor and donated a huge trailer to the non-profit that will allow them to travel with their entire herd in one trip.

“It was an angel, there are angels on this earth and they’re cloaked in human form,” said Jordan.

If you’re inclined to donate to the fundraiser, you can find out how on their website.

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