Former Charlotte councilwoman doesn’t regret controversial tweets after losing election

Robocalls against Mayfield made before election

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Four-term council member LaWana Mayfield lost her re-election bid in Tuesday night’s primary race. She trailed the top four incumbents by more than 2,000 votes.

Some voters have waited to see Mayfield out of office over controversial tweets she sent out over her time as an elected city official.

In an off-camera interview, WBTV specifically asked Mayfield if she thinks her tweets caused her to lose the race for an at-large seat on city council. Mayfield didn’t give a “yes” or a “no,” but instead commented on how beautiful it is to have a democracy where she can speak on how she feels and what she believes.

If there’s one thing Mayfield believes contributed to her not getting enough votes, it was a robocall that went out over the weekend before Tuesday’s elections.

A transcription of the call states, "Hi, this is Leslie calling from Forward Charlotte. Did you know that city council woman La Wana Mayfield tried to drastically increase her own pay on city council and even considered cutting a police crisis training budget in order to pay for it? Send a message for Tuesday in the Democrat primary for city council at large, that city council members work for you. Put an end to self-serving politicians with misplaced priorities like La Wana Mayfield.”

Mayfield said she is not sad about losing the elections and will continue to work to better Charlotte, but this time it will be on her own terms with different organizations and businesses across the area.

Mayfield sat on council representing District 3 for eight years and is the second black woman to hold such position. Throughout those years, she’s helped to develop many projects which includes the Charlotte Premium Outlets, expansion of Carowinds, and hosted different job fairs to fight unemployment.

There are plans for Mayfield to send an audio copy of the robocall over to the board of elections to see if it’s a case of voter suppression.

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