Forever Family: Meet Samorra

Forever Family: Samorra
Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 1:48 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The last shot that you see in the featured segment of this remarkable young woman causes my eyes to linger a little longer. The tears are fresh on her checks and those tears are not for her. In her interview Samorra shared so little about herself. Very few questions were asked because from the minute that Samorra sat down she shared with such intense vulnerability and thoughtfulness. She didn’t speak about her ambitions, her goals, what she is good at or what makes her special… and quite honestly she didn’t need to! It was apparent right away what makes Samorra special: it is her heart and her ability to empathize and see the needs of others and put them above her own.

This young lady has a heart to take care of others and to encourage them to reach outside of themselves for the good of others. Samorra had an opportunity to brag about the amazing girl she is. She had a chance to share in these few minutes about how she would be a great daughter and sister to a family out there waiting. She could have talked about the grades she works hard for, the loyal friend that she is and her aspirations to care for others in vocational capacities such as nursing or teaching someday.

Samorra with fresh tears on her cheeks shared about her desire to see her community take ownership and care of those in need in the community. Samorra has walked this journey not looking back on past hurts, or looking inward at her own desire for a family. Instead Samorra holds her head high, engaged with the world around her. She does not turn her eyes away when she sees the heartbreak in our society, instead Samorra sees the possibility for change and the potential in others. Her unique ability to speak up for what is right is powerful because of her story.

Samorra is a young woman who has a story that others need to hear. She needs the hearts of our viewers to be moved as they hear from a young woman at risk of aging out of foster care without a family. She needs a family to see her heart and her selflessness. A family that can nurture her the way she desires to nurture others. Samorra’s tears are for injustice and the brokenness in this world. I pray that her future family can see her with the same compassionate lens that Samorra sees the world through. Samorra needs a family that is willing to shed tears for her. Tears for the loss and the difficult journey it took Samorra to make it to their family. But also tears of joy that their daughter is finally home.

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